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Taliesin - Stephen R. Lawhead This book was really different then what I'm used to. Possibly that's becuase it was written 25 years ago when books were allowed to go a little slower. It tells the story of Taliesin, a Celtic hero, and Charis, a princess of lost Atlantis. They live, meet people, fall in love, and have a baby who turns out to be Merlin. I thought it was funny that the book is called Taliesin when the principle story revolves around Charis, but maybe it's because she was made up.
The biggest thing I loved about this was the world of Atlantis. Unlike many books based in made up worlds, Lawhead doesn't even try to explain it. He acts like everything about it, from the ruling class to the religion, is just as banal as describing NYC (Yes, to all of you who feel the need to tell me what it's like, I've heard it and I have no desire to hear about it again. I've even been there, and it's not that impressive). That inattention to detail actually made it feel more real then if he'd done a million words of info dump. More confusing, but way more real. The funny thing is that he must have those same millions of words in notes because know one can ignore the rules like that unless they already have them. Either that or he's just a way more special writer then I am.
Lastly I really love how he wove Christianity into it. Another proof that this book was written a long time ago. It's not a specifically Christian novel, but it brings up aspects of my faith in a way that I really wish could be real. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was how he mixed Christ with the Arthurian legend. Arthur was really cool, but he wasn't the Christ. This is fiction so I'm not going to get too worked up about it but it was still weird.