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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Hmmm... this book is a tough one to describe. The book tells the story of Amy and Elder. Amy was cryfrozen to be woken up on a new earth, and Elder was born to lead his people and the ship that is going there. They're brought together when Amy is unfrozen early in an attempt to murder her. She survives, unlike others who drown in their own cryofluid. Yick. Now she and Elder need to uncover the secrets of the ship and stop other popsicle people from being murdered. Despite my humor, it really is a serious problem and you Revis has a really good way of making you feel it.
Onto what I felt about the book, which is probably the least important part. Well, whatever, I'm going to talk about it anyway.I really liked how it talked about personal responsibility and how there was a lot of discussion about making informed choices. I also liked that there were so many different types of people. The characters were vivid and interesting.
The one negative is that the first half to three quarters of the book was a little bland. Some things interested me but for the most part I was a little bored. Not good considering Revis has an awesome premise and at least three major mysteries going on.