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Daughter of the Centaurs - Kate Klimo This book is a whole 300+ pages of borderline for me. What I mean is that while I liked the story and the heroine seemed nice I felt like there was a lot missing from this book. My biggest beefs are technical: the entire book is narrated in limited third present tense. I don't think I've ever experienced such a character-distancing voice. Secondly the author operated it like a first person voice. What I mean is that she told us the characters emotions, even when they didn't make sense with the character that she had created thus far. The only place where telling the reader what the character is feeling works is in first person. EVER! There's a reason for the perpetual saw Show Don't Tell. I also don't feel like I know any of the characters very well even after reading a whole book about them. I think it's a combination of distanced narrative and bad character development, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I do want to find out what happens but I'm very unsatisfied with the book that I read.