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Wings of the Wicked - Courtney Allison Moulton Ok, I'm a grouch. I was never really on board with this series. The first book was fun and interesting but I was always a little perplexed why a girl who's the mortal incarnation of the archangel Gabriel would be so not-angelic. I mean, she's a fun party girl who doesn't mind sleeping with guys. Not really what any religion thinks of when they say angels . I was interested enough in the story to see where it went and I'm so wish I hadn't. Not only is this book monstrously huge at 516 pages, there's almost nothing going on in them. As I read I found out a little bit more about the bad angels plots and a smidgeon more about who Ellie is this book was mostly a giant setup for the next one. 500+ pages of it. There were huge gaps in the action where we just followed Ellie around and seeing how hard her life was to balance. That's really not interesting when it occupies more then a hundred pages towards the end.
On a side note, Ellie is supposed to be this super amazing warrior chick who's fought the forces of evil for thousands of years. Why is it that whenever the fight scenes are written out she's getting her butt kicked five ways to Sunday? She's constantly having to wait for Will to save her. That's kind of lame.