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Dreaming Awake - Gwen Hayes Wow, this sequel really took me by storm! In the first book Theia meets Hayden, prince of Under. Since that's the land of nightmares, her life gets interesting fast. She's inexplicably drawn to him both in dreams and in reality. Despite early missteps they manage to fall in love. (Please don't tell me you think that's a spoiler or I may smack you). In the process both of them have changed, for the better and for the worse.
Now they're dealing with those for the worse parts and they are a doozy. Theia really comes into her own in this book, which breaks it away from the typical "I love him so I'm going to be brave" mantra that exists in almost all books for females. As Theia battles Haydens psychopath mother and takes control of her own life and the fate of Under the writer really shines. Plus we get glimpses into the minds of Theia's friends Ame and Donny, something I really didn't mind:)
In conclusion- since even I need those- I loved this book and I'm totally going through Gwen Hayes's backlist!