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Angel Fire  - L.A. Weatherly Whew, I'm done. This is probably one of the longest YA books I've read in a long time. The first one was an ebook which made things so much easier. Do you know how hard it is to cart around a 600 page novel? It's a real pain. Hence why ereaders are awesome. The disclaimer I have to put in is that the story really needed all that extra space. This book wasn't long just to be long.
Now that I'm done whining, I'll tell you about the book. Angel Fire majorly improved on the premise of the original. Half-angel Willow and angel hunter Alex are on the run together. Somewhere in southern Texas she gets a fortelling that says that the Council, the major governing body of the angels, are in town and ready to take over. This is the best chance for Willow and Alex to stop the angels once and for all. They head out where they meet up with some old friends and make a few new ones. The stand out in the cast is Seb, another half angel who's been looking for Willow his whole life.
I really liked how Angel Fire moves away from the primarily romantic plot of Angel Burn and starts getting into the actual details of the angel invasion and how humanity can fight them. Alex and Willow are cute, but I really want to know the wider world of what's going on. Seb's viewpoints are genius. They are written in such a compelling way that I kept wishing that Willow would through over Alex for Seb. Even though I get why that's not really going to happen it is a new favorite pipe dream of mine. Alex and Willow grow a lot and I'm glad to see that they are becoming even more interesting characters as they meet some of the challenges they're facing.