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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake I could not put Anna Dressed in Blood down. Given that it's totally creepy that's not too surprising, but what is was that I LOVED it. The writing was great, the main character was interesting, and the story just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. For once I was even grateful that my upstairs neighbors blast NPR every morning because classical worked really well with this creepy mystery/love story.
The blurb on the front explains the plot so well: Boy meets girl- girl kills people . Ghost hunter extraordinaire is just going through the motions of life as he moves from one murderous fiend to the next. Despite being a teenager he's sidestepping the whole "Who am I" in favor of "Who do I kill". That all changes when he meets Anna, a superpowerful ghost who's locked inside a horrible nightmare. He knows he should kill her but he really wants to save her. Turns out that she might need to save him, because the big bad ghost that ate his dad is on Cass's trail and he'll need every bit of help he can get to stay alive.
At it's heart Anna is the story of the knight saving the princess in the tower. I didn't realize that until afterwards because Blake morphed it so out of it's original trappings that it's nearly unrecognizable. That and I was way too busy having fun reading to analyze it's plot structure! I was also really impressed with Cass's voice. A lot of YA struggles with realistic boy voices. Cass's wasn't perfect but it was really good. All in all I'm glad I picked this one up.