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Trickster's Girl - Hilari Bell Trickster's girl really impressed me. Despite a slow start Kelsa's journey to save the world was really interesting. In a future American the tree plague- a bio terrorists baby released into the Amazon- is wiping out the trees and rising cancer rates are wiping out humans, one of which is Kelsa's dad. When Raven- claiming to be the actual Raven from native american mythology- shows up to tell her that he needs her help she pushes him off the hiking trail and books if for home. It's not for a while that he can convince her to take up the quest of a long dead native shaman. From that spawns an interesting road trip book with Kelsa working through her own crap at the same time as she tries to keep herself alive and work the magic that might make a difference.
There were a lot of things that I liked about Trickster's Girl but probably my favorite was how all of the characters had a reason to be there. Bad guys, good guys, no one felt unexpected. Like the famous "Bwahahaha, you thought you could get away from me but I have ten thousand other minions just waiting to come after you!" I liked that Bell created plot twists while still relying on her character and world building to hold up.
The only thing I'm not a big fan of is how it ended. I can see why Kelsa couldn't continue the journey, but this is a short book and I put a lot of effort into getting emotionally invested in her personally. I'm not eager to get into the head of an entirely new character just to see how her journey pans out.