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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini Okay..... Dreamless starts off by re-introducing you to our lovers, Lucas and Helen. They just discovered that they are cousins but since they didn't grow up with that it's a little hard to swallow for them. On top of that Helen is dragging herself through the underworld trying to find the Fates and going crazy from sleep deprivation/mommy-issues/broken heart.
As you can imagine, the whole cousin thing made me a little uncomfortable. What made it worse was how Angelini handled it, which is hyperbole beyond belief. It's a fairly serious subject that's being turned into a fainting spell.
Second is the whole you can't love the girl stay away from her no matter what even if only by making her hate you that is so common in YA romance. I hate that. If I could make a list of my all time book pet peeves is might just be at the very top. When it's the boys father giving him that advice..... It was too much for me. I'm done.
Someone pointed out that the tropes that drive us crazy are staples of Greek mythology. Angelini is just staying close to her source material. That's a really good point. I'm still not going to finish, but I'm not going to warn people off either.