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The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis I had to read this for a religion class. Normally those force fed books were my least favorite works but I loved this one. To explain how I feel about it this is how I read it: My backpack had fifty pounds of textbooks, I was wearing four inch pumps and cute red dress that I had to be careful in, and I was on a bus in bumper to bumper Salt Lake Traffic. There were no seats so I had to stand and all the railings were full so I was stuck with one of those loops of leather. With all the weight resting on four small points (heels and toes!) every time the bus started or stopped I would unbalance, forcing me to scramble for footing. Back and forth, back and forth. Somehow I stayed glued to my book and finished before we got to my stop!
It would have been entertaining just as a novel and then it also made me think about choices, morality, and what my Christianity meant to me. A fantastic book.