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Gravity - Melissa West Once again, Gravity had a fantastic concept. Plus a cool cover. I keep finding these books. There's a lot of things to love about Gravity. For me there were two major things that just didn't work.
1. Ari, the main character is really, really introspective. That's fine except for all her personal thoughts were about boys, boys, and her dad. It got really repetitive, really fast and dragged the narrative to a slow crawl.
2. Ari has a lot of responsibility in this book. She's the hereditary heir to the military head of America. She seems to take this seriously. So when she's presented with an enemy spy who tells her a whole bunch of damaging intel about her own side after she caught him redhanded, she does a really thorough analysis on what choice she should make. Except wait, she doesn't. She buys everything he's selling hook line and sinker because he's hot. So she turns on her race, her father, her friends without any attempt to figure out the veracity of Hot Guy's information.
This was the doozy for me. Number 1 I could have worked with, but not this. I work with a lot of teenage girls and they can be dumb about boys, but their a whole lot smarter then West is giving them credit for. I'm turning over a new leaf. If a book is really bugging me I'm not going to force myself to keep going. Gravity is the first victim of that policy.