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Blazing the Trail - Deborah Cooke I've really enjoyed this series, mostly because Zoe the dragon girl is pretty awesome. She has a great voice and feels so real as a character. On top of that all the different characters are very human too. I love how they all evidence signs of the animal they shift into in a non-campy way. Considering this whole book is about shifters, or weres, that's a really great touch.
For all the good, Blazing the Trail really fell flat for me. The first half has Zoe acting To Stupid To Live for the plot line. Which is really sad because it just felt forced. Throughout all of this she's feeling hideous guilt for everything she's ever done, something that is legit but also one of my biggest pet peeves. The second half is a complete turn around, where Zoe is starting to learn from things and act cautious and then Cooke has the secondary characters punish her for it. Bizarre, but true.
This is Ms. Cooke's first foray into YA. I have high hopes for her next series if she learns from the flaws of this one.