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Sapphire Blue (Audio) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell, Marisa Calin Sapphire Blue is such a dissapointment. The writing was still fun and I have some hopes that Emereled Green will pull this trilogy back together. The two main problems were with the characters. Gwen is a bit of a twit who acts against her better judgement, constantly leaning on her time travel partner Gideon to pull her out of trouble. Although it's logical that Gwen should be even worse at time traveling then she was in the last book considering only a week has past in book land, it's really frustrating when you're reading it. Gideon is by far the worst part of this book. He's manipulative and cruel and yet Gwen loves him because he's gorgeous and occaisionally makes out with her. Gwen allows him to verbally and emotionally abuse her with nary a peep because he obviously knows what he's doing. The ending is amazingly anti-climactic since Gwen can't figure out anything on her own.. The big fight scene is told as an epilogue featuring Gideon. I wish Gier would fall a little out of love with Gideon and a little in love with Gwen, who is after all the viewpoint character.