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Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones So.... I feel like a broken record harping on the same thing. Third grave really didn't click for me specifically because of the relationships. Charlie is still ridiculously funny and her quipping with Cookie makes me laugh out loud. The side cases she does tickle my mystery-lover bone. All that having been said, Charlie has the emotional depth of an eight year old on a sugar high. The first two books setting up her relationship with Reyes, the main love interest, put forward a really good example of obsessive sex. With Dead Ahead Jones is trying to up the ante and show us how these characters have to overcome a lot to be together. My big problem is that there is no real relationship she's fighting to save, since apparently they can have sex no matter how they feel about each other. On top of that her relationship with her family is more something I would expect from a middle-grade heroine, not an adult one. Besides a hilarious voice I'm not sure what's going on in this series, or even where it can go.