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Dark Star - Bethany Frenette It's so sad when a fun, interesting heroine with a cool world inhabits a plot that makes me want to pull my hair out. The major problem is the love interest, Leon. Despite the fact that he's done nothing romantic so far I had a feeling he was the swoon star, and a flip to the back just before I gave up confirmed. Please tell me if there's something wrong with this picture:
1. A single mother whose away from home a lot allows a 20ish guy to move in with her and her sixteen year old daughter.
2. Said guy bosses the daughter around, telling her who to see, where to go, and just giving her non-stop life advice, both around and away from mom.
3. Mom and guy (who are not in a relationship, although in real life they probably would be) know deep dark secrets that they refuse to share with the daughter, leaving the daughter to make bad decisions because she's in danger and has no way to take care of herself.
Yeah, that's what happens. To top it off Leon really is as domineering as he sounds. Yet when the real truth comes out Audrey will see the protective side of him and it will be enough to ignore the fact that the guy is a walking divorce statistic. Slightly less annoying but just as contributory towards me putting Dark Star down is how Audrey keeps making bad decisions not because she's stupid but because no one will give her the right information, including the truth that is integral to who she is. Since ignorance is bliss..... not.