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Glass Heart - Amy Garvey Can I just say I love the way Amy Garvey writes? She has a lush prose style that doesn't get in the way of her story. It's something I took for granted in Cold Kiss and I loved to pieces in Glass Heart. I also loved her characters, who felt so very real. Even as her plot gave out beneath them I still rooted for them because I knew I wouldn't be jipped by their conclusion. Where I didn't get my moneys worth is the plot. Glass Heart suffered strongly from second-bookitus, also known as lack of a plot. Book 1 was all about a girl bringing her boyfriend back from the dead and Book 2 was all about..... consequences of magic? I don't know. It doesn't really start up until page 100 and even then it's pretty thin. Since the hook was resolved before Glass Heart even started 75% of the story was navel gazing. Oh well. Great characters versus terrible story. Comes out in a draw, right?