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Sever - Lauren DeStefano Sever is published proof that bad books happen to good writers. As DeStefano attempted to wrap up her fabulous chemical garden series she seemed to have hit a snag. Rhine, the MC, turned into an ambulatory version of a potted plant. Before she went and did things, now it's the men in her life that move the plot with Rhine just along for the ride. The love triangle shrinks down as she finally lets one man go and yet he's the one that she spends almost all of the book with, watching him move on with his life. It wouldn't have been so bad if Fever (Book 2) hadn't been so amazing. I kept hoping it would get better. Then... Well, she finds the person she's been searching for; said person turns out to have become a monster in her absence; she blames HERSELF and refuses to tell him the info he needs to come back to sanity land because she's afraid of her hurting his feelings. Then she basically turns herself over to the man she's spent the last two books running from. Enough is enough. Better to remember the series for what it was then to continue flogging a dead horse.